Our Sitters

Who are the sitters?

The Babysitting Company started with a fabulous small group of dedicated sitters. Throughout the years, we’ve kept our Babysitters happy and, by word of mouth, our network of excellent sitters has expanded and we’re proud to have each sitter on our team.

We also have great relationships with local colleges and universities, especially within the education and nursing departments. Their staff happily refers their students to The Babysitting Company.

How do I know that I am getting a good, safe and qualified sitter?

The Babysitting Company has the highest standards in the industry. Each sitter has participated in our rigorous training program that involves a personal interview, supervised training, a personality test, CPR certification and a clear background and drug test. Please be as detailed as possible in your request so that we can make the best possible match.

Will I know anything about my sitter before they arrive?

Once the sitter is chosen, a detailed profile including his or her full name, biography and photo will be sent by email.

Can I speak with my sitter prior to my reservation?

The sitters contact information will be provided upon confirmation. Clients are more than welcome to contact their sitter. Please leave a message if your sitter does not answer and allow 24 hours for them to return your call.

Can I meet the sitter prior to my scheduled reservation?

Many clients schedule a reservation prior to the date they will be leaving the sitter alone with their child so that they can get to know their sitter. All standard charges and minimums apply. Families may speak with their sitter by phone at no additional fee.


When should I book my sitter?

It is always a good idea to book your reservation with as much notice as possible. Booking a sitter with at least 24 hours notice is suggested. last-minute reservations are based on availability. We recommend scheduling the sitter to arrive at least 15 minutes before you have to leave.

How can I reserve a sitter?

You can reserve a sitter by filling out a Reservation Request form, calling The Babysitting Company directly or speaking with your hotel concierge. Please do not text The Babysitting Company or the sitters with requests.

Can I request the same sitter every time?

It is always our preference to book the same sitter. Please provide all of the dates and times with as much notice as possible so that the same sitter can be arranged. We will do our best to choose a sitter that generally has availability during those times however, we can never guarantee that the same sitter will always be available. We find it helpful for to meet 3-5 sitters.

What if I have a last-minute request?

We are able to accommodate most last-minute requests. We can usually have a sitter to your home, hotel or event within the hour. There are additional fees when booking a sitter at the last minute. All last minute requests are fielded by phone.

How do I confirm my reservation?

Once your request is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail with your sitter’s profile and instructions to call The Babysitting Company to provide a Visa or MasterCard. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation with the sitter’s phone number.

What if I only need a sitter for an hour or two?

The minimum, 4 hours, is not negotiable.

Do I always need to book sitters through The Babysitting Company?

Reservations must be booked directly with The Babysitting Company. The sitters are under a non-negotiable contract and they will not work for any client (or third party) outside of The Babysitting Company. The sitters respect their jobs, commitments, and agreements and we hope you will too.

During the Sitting

How should I give the sitter instructions?

Your sitter will already have a description of your general expectations based on the information provided at the time of reservation. The sitter will have a form for you to complete with your detailed expectations. It is also recommended to have your instructions and requests written or printed out for the sitter prior to the sitters arrival. Please be detailed and remember that each family is different. We recommend scheduling the sitter to arrive at least 15 minutes before you have to leave to review and familiarize the sitter with your instructions.

Is there anything that the sitters can not do?

Sitters will not clean, do laundry, drive with you or your children in any car, run errands, make deliveries, give baths or showers, give medication, supervise medications or allow anyone not pre-authorized by the client into the home or hotel room.

Should I provide a meal for the sitter?

Sitters will bring their own food and snacks. However, if your reservation at a hotel is 4 or more hours and during a mealtime, we strongly encourage providing a meal for your sitter. If your reservation at a hotel is 8 hours or more, and during normal meal times, you are required to purchase at least one meal for your sitter.

What will the sitter do while my children are napping or sleeping?

Your sitter will bring a book or quiet work to do while the children are sleeping or napping. If you are in a hotel room, the sitter will sit quietly and in the dark until you arrive. The Babysitting Company provides child care services only. Sitters will not clean or do any domestic work outside of cleanup from the time they have spent with the children during the reservation.

Scheduling & Cancelations

What if I need to change the time of the reservation or we are running late?

We value that our sitters understand the need to be flexible. However, all reservations must be changed or modified with at least 24 hours notice. With less than 4 hours notice, you will be charged from the earliest reserved time plus any applicable parking fees. All changes must be made directly with The Babysitting Company during normal business hours.

What if I have to cancel a reservation?

The first hour of services is charged upon confirmation and is not refundable and not transferrable. We strictly enforce a 24 hour cancellation and modification policy for all standard babysitting reservations. There is a 72 hour cancellation and modification policy for reservations with multiple babysitters, for groups, special rates, overnights and for holidays (New Years Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, First night of Passover, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve). If the reservation is cancelled or modified with less than the required 24 or 72 hours notice, then the remaining balance of the minimum 4 hours will be charged to the credit card provided at the time the reservation was made. Cancellations and modification may only be made by speaking with The Babysitting Company directly or with a timed stamped voicemail. Cancellations or modifications by text, by e-mail or with the babysitter will not be honored. There are no exceptions.

What if there is bad weather, our plane is delayed or our event is cancelled, etc.?

The Babysitting Company’s cancellation policy will apply. There are no exceptions.

What if the location changes?

If the location changes we can not guarantee that the same sitter will be available or that we will be able to accommodate your request. Additional fees may apply.


How does payment work?

All payment is charged by credit card. The first hour of service is charged when the reservation is confirmed. The balance of the 4 hour minimum is charged 24 hours prior to the reservation’s scheduled start time (72 hours for holidays and groups). You are charged from the time that the sitter is scheduled to arrive to the time that you come home (to the nearest quarter of the hour). At the end of the reservation, your sitter will have a receipt for you to sign. Once the receipt is signed, the sitter reports to The Babysitting Company and any balance is charged. Credit card receipts are sent automatically by email so please ensure that The Babysitting Company has your email address on file.

Is it customary to add gratuity?

Gratuities are given at each clients discretion. While sitters do not expect tips, they are appreciated. When you are satisfied with your sitter’s services, it is customary to tip 15-20%. Sitters prefer that the gratuity be given in cash but we are also able to process tips by credit card.

Additional Guidelines

What if my child wants to have a friend over?

Please notify The Babysitting Company if there will be more children in the home or hotel room than originally scheduled. We will need detailed information on all of the children present and emergency contact information. Additional fees will apply.

What if my child is sick?

The Babysitting Company must be notified when a child is sick. Extra fees apply for sick children. Sitters will not administer medicine of any kind. Please be upfront when booking your reservation so that we can provide the best possible care. If the sitter arrives and is unable to care for your child because an illness or special need was not specified, you will be billed for a cancelled reservation.

Am I able to meet with the executive team?

The owner and managers of The Babysitting Company are available to meet with any family located in South Florida, from Palm Beach to the Keys, by appointment. Arrangements can also be made to meet with clients who are not in South Florida.