For all urgent, time sensitive matters and questions call (888) 407-7822 to speak directly with TBC. Always leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

How to Get Assignments

  1. Assignments are booked on the day that they are sent out. If an assignment is not booked, it will be resent. Do not answer assignments from previous days.
  2. Know your schedule and make sure that when you are giving your availability that there are no conflicts.
  3. If you are not available for an assignment, delete the request.
  4. Add TBC phone numbers and emails to your phone address book and to your email favorites to make sure you never miss an email and to be notified when you receive an assignment email.
  5. The most important number is (888) 407-7822 to always reach TBC. Use extension 1 for time sensitive and urgent matters.

Contact TBC by PHONE immediately when:
. Matter is urgent or time sensitive.
. If you are not feeling well (EVEN IF IT IS THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ASSIGNMENT.)
. Traffic updates or you are going to be late
. Anything at an assignment that is different than expected.
. If a Client contacts for services, a cancellation, change or update and the reservation. Sitter should also tell the Client to call TBC as Sitters can not make or change a reservation.

Before Assignments

  1. Review Assignment Confirmation details (location, expectations) and confirm receipt by email.
  2. Call Client to introduce yourself enthusiastically. Leave a message if there is no answer. You may follow up with a text. Only call once.
  3. Review TBC website and guidelines and remember to prepare the following items:
    . TBC Forms (10 records and receipts)
    Available in TBC Sitters Only Group
    . Clean TBC shirt and layers (for temperature changes)
    . Snack and water (unless otherwise specified)
    . Bathing suit and change of clothes
    . Flip flops or sandals for beach/pool only
    . Phone Charger
    . Pen
    . Kid Kit (suspended due to covid-19, we will let you know once we resume this requirement)

During Assignments

  1. Prepare to arrive with plenty of extra time (use WAZE to monitor traffic and set departure time).
  2. Make sure that your phone is on and charged and you are ready to answer calls from Client and TBC (no personal calls, texting or browsing permitted).
  3. Arrive with an upbeat and friendly attitude, excited to interact with the child(ren), clients and anyone at the location. Wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival.
    *If at a hotel or building, check in with the concierge at each arrival and introduce yourself as from THE BABYSITTING COMPANY.
  4. Fill out Record (if specified in Assignment Confirmation). If you have any questions on clients expectations, ask them and write them down if neccessary.
  5. Have fun, be creative, keep the children safe and follow ALL clients directions.
    * Call TBC directly with any questions, anything that you need or anything at the assignment that seems different than what you expected. *

After Assignments

  1. Clean and tidy up after yourself and the child(ren) and make sure that you have all of your belongings. If you are not able to clean up before parents arrive, you must stay and clean up before leaving.
  2. Say thank you to clients (or write on their receipt) for the experience/spending time with their children and/or family.
  3.  Let clients know to contact TBC directly if they would like to request you for any additional services.
  4. Sitter and Client complete Receipts. Only the CLIENT RATE should be listed. The Sitter rate is for your notes ONLY.
  5. From a safe location within 12 hours of leaving your assignment, submit your Assignment Report at Double check all fields before submitting and check again when you receive confirmation.
    * Please remember to submit notes since they are very helpful for future assignments and bookings.*


. Submit forms by the 5th of the following month (or sooner) to
. Much of the Record and Receipt can be filled out by Sitter prior to Assignment.
. If you are not sending your forms immediately after each job, take a picture of them to eliminate the chance they will get lost.
. Use the free app “Tiny Scan” to send forms.
. Save your forms for at least a month and place them somewhere where they are visible to prevent misplacing forms and forgetting to submit them before the 5th.