Covid-19 Policies for Sitters

All TBC policies regarding hygiene and clean up will be followed in addition to the following updates.

  1. Kid Kits are still suspended until further notice.
  2. Sitters must regularly take their temperature, both 24 hours before an assignment and directly prior to an assignment.
  3. Come prepared to ALL assignments wearing a mask and be prepared to wear it through the reservation. Sitters MUST wear masks in any public area of a building or venue.
  4. Wash hands frequently (including but not limited to entering assignment, before and after restroom, before and after diaper changes, and before and after meals).
  5. Clean and sanitize surfaces frequently.
  6. Sitters are strongly advised to refrain from large gatherings and are required to wear masks in public places, when they are unable to maintain a distance of 6’ from others not in their immediate household, and indoors when there are more than their immediate household members present.
  7. Do not share food and/or drinks with anyone.
  8. Let TBC know immediately upon any of the following by PHONE at (888) 407-7822:
  9. .First sign of any symptoms of any illness
    .Exposure to anyone who is sick or has tested positive for Covid
    .If you have taken a Covid test/ believe you may be positive

OPTIONAL: Send TBC Covid-19 Vaccination documentation to