Haylee Diaz is the best sitter in the entire world. Give that woman a raise immediately. She is so comfortable with children and can adapt very well.

A huge plus is the thorough vetting process that The Babysitting Company conducts on their sitters. I’ve used other popular babysitting sites and have often not been impressed with the quality of sitters they provide. For this reason alone, I would use your services again. -I was so grateful that the sitter brought activities (toys, books, etc) with her. We were staying at an Airbnb in the Hamptons and didn’t have many toys on hand. The sitter showing up with activities was a big hit with the kids and an instant ice breaker!
LouAnn, Dallas

It was easy and simple process . The information about the sitter & company was very informative and accurate . My sitter was amazing & kept me updated often which was good for me since it was my first time using any babysitting services. I will definitely be using the services again . I’m glad to know they are also located in other areas.
Tameshiaye Poole, Atlanta, GA

My husband and I were attending a wedding in Miami, Florida with our five month old and had it all planned out. Well, “Hurricane Nicole” came and left our in-laws with cold feet and lost our childcare the night before the wedding. My husband and I were extremely hesitant to use a sitter we didn’t know especially in a different state and city but we took a leap of faith. Honestly, this company is an absolute blessing. I don’t know what they do to screen their sitters but they do an excellent job! We had an amazing sitter named Arletti. She was so warm and so sweet and so caring. I did not worry at all having my infant under her care. Sometimes a mother’s instinct and gut just knows. We loved her so much we asked for her again the following day! Thank you Babysitting Company I hope your business continues to thrive, grow, expand, and remains in business for a lifetime. I also wish you were in Folsom, CA so you could help me find a sitter lol. I’ve had such bad luck finding a sitter that’s a good fit in Folsom. But that’s a different conversation lol!
Ann Flores, California

We were traveling to Chicago to visit family and had planned an adult dinner with the intention of having my sister’s babysitter watching all four children present. Unfortunately the sitter fell through and we needed a last minute babysitter to come to the hotel. The concierge recommended The Babysitting Company. We were put into contact and from there on it was extremely simple to book. We received confirmation, a babysitter bio and she called shortly after to say hello. It could not have been easier! Our babysitter arrived early and immediately sat with the kids putting them at ease. We observed them all giggling before leaving for dinner. The kids had a great time and we were able to have a nice dinner out. Highly recommend The Babysitting Company!
Jackie, Boca Raton, FL

We love working with Rachel and the Babysitting Company. They have the best sitters!
Roxanne, Tampa, FL

Marcela was a fantastic sitter for my 3-year-old twin girls. I wish I could take her back to NYC with us! She was on time, sweet, and immediately connected with the girls, who can be very hard to please sometimes! She texted with us while we were away and gave details of her time with the girls when we returned. Thank you to The Babysitting Company for making our date night enjoyable and relaxing.
Amber, New York, NY

We used The Babysitting Company for a night in Miami recently and were very pleased with the whole experience. It is the first time we had ever left our 11-month old son with a non-family member. Chloe was our sitter. She was on-time, enthusiastic, and sweet with the baby. We felt very comfortable leaving our son with her, and would definitely use this service again.
Jaclyn, Traverse City, MI

She was excellent. Very warm and set our hearts at ease the minute she walked in the door. She was very entertaining and had our little on in bed before we got home. Which was very surprising to us as Brooklynn is a bit fussy when her mom isn’t around.
Chandel Green, Cayman Islands

Rosa was fantastic! Warm, kind, and extremely caring. She was on time, professional, and put us completely at ease. She gave us updates via text, which was a nice way to keep us updated on our baby’s activities. Highly recommend!
Ethel Freeport, ME

Jackie was great. She brought fun activities that my daughter (almost 3) was immediately interested in. My daughter barely said goodbye. The next morning my daughter asked me where the babysitter was and when I told her she went home last night, my daughter asked when she was coming back. Thank you, Jackie and The Babysitting Company for another great match!
John Baxter Hollywood, FL

My name is Odetta W. I was in Miami for spring break vacation with my three kids 8, 3 and 1. Florence was amazing. She made me feel comfortable from the start. She brought toys with her and her energy was so positive. I was very comfortable and happy to leave my kids under her supervision while I enjoyed an adult night out. Thank you so much!!!
Odetta W., Needham, Ma

Overall a very good experience. The kids had a great time even though they are generally hard to convince as it relates to babysitters when they are on vacation in a foreign country. The sitter inspired confidence and professionalism and she was energetic (taught a card game the kids loved to play). The cost is higher than what you would pay “over-the-counter” but an experience like this is priceless.
Anthony Paris, France

We were traveling from Australia so I was very nervous about booking a babysitter online, especially as they would be looking after our kids for 3 nights. From the very first contact, Rachel’s communication was prompt, professional and very understanding. She understood all our concerns, provided all the information we needed and gave me the confidence that I was dealing with a really professional organization. Haila, our sitter, was lovely, she genuinely enjoyed the kids and they had a great time with her. Haila was always prompt, very helpful and professional. We thoroughly enjoyed her as our sitter and would recommend Haila to anyone. We had 4 days in Miami as part of a 3 week international trip, both Rachel and Haila made sure all our plans worked perfectly and I am very grateful to them both. I’d recommend The Babysitting Company to anyone considering a babysitter or nanny.
Mark Lieberman (Melbourne, AUS)

The Babysitting Company was recommended to us through the concierge at our hotel. I called and scheduled a sitter over the phone and received prompt service and email confirmations. Our sitter, Jessica, was amazing! My kids loved her and were very comfortable with her right away. She was very professional and easy to work with, and quite obviously loved kids. My husband and I were able to relax and enjoy a couple evenings out on our recent vacation because we had such confidence in her ability to take care of the kids. We would absolutely use The Babysitting Company again and recommend them to other parents!
Katie S. Vienna, VA

Just a really great experience! I am so excited to see I can use this service in other cities when we travel!
Lura Washington, DC

Credit goes to Rachel for providing such excellent service. My 3 year old loves all the sitters that she has interacted with. Now that she is more active I find that she is having more playtime with the sitters and I’m able to feel comfortable leaving her. On all occasions I have had no worries, me and my husband have been able to go out on date night and enjoy ourselves. I recommend anyone visiting Miami to contact The Babysitting Company and enjoy their well needed break from being a parent and leave the hard work to someone else for the day or night. Fantastic service and so reliable.
Thank you so much, Nora, from London

You REALLY are on top of your game and as a fellow “Female Professional” I must say that I am HIGHLY impressed with the way you run your business. That alone placed me at ease with utilizing a babysitter for the first time. Jasmy is ADORABLE and Chance took to her right away. And thank you, YES, Jonathon and I had a lovely time out last night and I never even thought about calling Jasmy to check in, I knew Chance was in good hands. I will be calling you in the next couple of days to book Jasmy for dates I know I will need her for in May. Again… Thank you for everything!
Suzana Miami, Florida

Jacqui was terrific. She has a low-key and loving personality that was perfect for our two-year-old, who was a little anxious about being left behind in a new place (we were on vacation). She cared for my child in accordance with our wishes and went the extra mile to comfort her when she got upset and insure that she felt secure enough to go to sleep on time. I was a bit apprehensive about using a service, but was assured by friends that I would be satisfied. I was! (As a side note, my pediatric oncology husband was very happy to have an oncology nurse caring for his daughter!)
Shannon, Washington D.C.

We drop through Miami on occasion. The Babysitting Company provided a reliable and professional sitter so we could get our errands done while the kids still had fun. 
I would use them again and definitely recommend them to my friends.
Keene K., Los Angeles, CA

We could not have been happier with Lauren, our sitter, and the services rendered by The Babysitting Company! It was so nice to finally be able to have a sitter that I could feel comfortable with right away. Being able to read her bio beforehand and know that there was a background check performed is so comforting. Since our son was born we’ve had maybe two sitters because they would call out, not show up for the job, or not be able to communicate with us. Being able to contact The Babysitting Company and know we will be able to have an honest, professional, and reliable person care for our child while we are not home is priceless!
Melissa Jarquin, Miami, FL

I thought the service was amazing. Carene was first rate. We felt totally comfortable leaving our 11 month old daughter with her. She had activities for her to do and the log she kept of when she checked on our daughter was great. Highly recommend. Other parents at the wedding regretted not using your service.
Laura Harvey London, England

I have used The Babysitting Company on a number of occasions when I travel to Miami with my family. The sitters are always very professional and are great with the kids. Booking is so simple and straightforward. I appreciate the ease of doing so with so many other things to remember to do!
A.Corrigan, Ireland

Just got back to San Francisco and I wanted to email and thank you so very much for your wonderful service!!! We had such a great time!! I have to say that Nancy is such a sweetheart!! As soon as I met her in person, I immediately felt at ease and we were able to go out and have a super time! I honestly couldn’t have been happier! As you know, I was nervous leaving our little guy with a stranger but as mentioned, Nancy was great and very peaceful. I felt relaxed after meeting her. We will, for sure, use your services again. I will have to check out the different cities where you provide sitters as we travel a bit. Thanks again so very much!!! Best Regards.
Karen , San Francisco

This was the fist time I used an agency, and I thought they were great. They were very prompt, and the person, Cecilia, they sent me was amazing. My daughter fell in love with her instantly. The owner, Rachel, put my worries at ease and made me feel very comfortable with using them. She sent me an email with her picture, background and references. They were great.
Kathrin, New York City

Merav was wonderful! Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service at the last minute. Not only was Merav a caring and energetic babysitter, she also was a truly helpful young lady. She pitched in to make snacks, change diapers and even pack boxes (we were packing to move)! Her love of children is evident in all she did. My four year old son warmed up to her immediately and they played every afternoon in the park until the sun went down. He was sad to see her go and cried after she left. My eighteen month daughter was not as quick to warm up as she was not feeling well, but Merav did all she could to endear herself to the baby girl. She knew the appropriate mix of give and take to allow the baby to come around on her own time. I have full trust in her abilities to care for my children anytime. Thank you for making such a valuable contribution to our Thanksgiving week.
The McCoy and Bengoa Families, Cape Canaveral, FL

Our babysitter was awesome! Our daughter hardly cried at all, and she’s 8 months old. And on top of that, she’s teething! That shows me that the babysitter has experience with infants. I felt very comfortable leaving our daughter with Nancy, and I’m glad we have her on the other 3 trips we are taking to South Florida in January. We will definitely continue to use your babysitting service. Thanks for putting our minds at ease!
Nikki Jessee, Tampa, FL

I am a first time mother of an 8 month old. After my first two dreadful babysitting experiences, I called the Babysitting Company after hearing about them from a friend. They were extremely helpful in fulfilling my infant’s needs. My infant is teething and has occasional night arousals, which needs to be handled by a sitter who has experience in this area. I am now able to leave the house without worrying the entire evening! Thank you Babysitting Company.
Kim, Miami Beach, FL

I was extremely happy with our sitter, Nicole. She was always on time and was very flexible with us being home later than expected. Each time she turned up, we were never quite ready to leave, so we got to spend some time with her. She was very friendly and helpful in answering our questions, and overall a great person to be around. I definitely felt comfortable leaving my son with her, and most of all, my son also enjoyed his time with her.
Naomi Smyth, New Zeland

I was very impressed with both your company and Carolina, the sitter that you provided. You were extremely responsive and professional and answered all my questions beforehand. Carolina is sweet, smart, extremely punctual, responsible, and most importantly, great with my son. We are most certainly going to use both Carolina and your company again and will recommend it to anybody we know.
Angela, Miami Shores, FL

This was my first time using a babysitting company and I must admit I was nervous. However, the babysitter provided for my two daughters by the Babysitting Company was extremely professional. My family and I were able to meet Talia the night before. My five-year-old daughter was drawn to her right away. She was excited about Talia being her babysitter. She was on time and bonded well with my girls. I would use the Babysitting Company again and request Talia as the babysitter.
Sylvia Miami, FL

A big thank you to you and Caroline! You arranged for Caroline to care for our 2 year old daughter (also Caroline) at short notice at the Biltmore Hotel on New Year’s Eve, whilst we were with our 5 year old at the Miami Children’s Hospital! Our daughter appeared to be very happy on our return following a stressful day for us. At handover, your sitter gave us helpful feedback. Best wishes.
James & Clare Stephens, Isle of Man, GB & Naples, FL

Rachel is extremely professional, responsive, quick and thorough. I am really impressed with the service she provides and the fact that she goes out of her way to make a good match in terms of finding the right person to watch my baby. We used two sitters to date and were satisfied with both. I have to say that her flexibility makes our work possible and our life much easier!
Monika, San Francisco, CA

I couldn’t be happier with The Babysitting Company. I was new to the area and didn’t feel comfortable leaving my children with just any sitter. Rachel addressed all of my questions and concerns beforehand. Every sitter we have used has been wonderful. I feel completely confident when I leave the house that my children are in safe hands. Requesting a sitter couldn’t be easier and there is peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be left stranded at the last minute with a cancellation from your sitter. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Andrea R., Miami, FL

Rachel, I cannot thank you enough for your help while we were attending a “destination wedding”! I know we called you extremely last minute and I am so thankful that you were able to provide us with a wonderful sitter for my two young girls. Magi was wonderful! Thank you again.
Deb, Philadelphia, PA

Hi, Rachel, I wanted to thank you for helping us find a sitter for my 2 children (7m and 4y). We were on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale and your service came in really handy, since we didn’t have any personal contacts in town. Thank you for accommodating my request to have the same sitter for both nights. It was really nice to be able to work with the same person and much easier on the kids. Jessica was super sweet, she contacted us when she had a question, took really good care of the children and followed all instructions. Great experience! Will definitely use your service again!
Katerina Austin, TX

Rachel was easy to get a hold of and quick to respond during our initial inquiries. She paired us up with Christina who watched our 18 month old for two nights. Christina was perfect! We couldn’t have been more pleased and felt at ease while we were away from our child. We didn’t have to worry and were able to enjoy our time away.
Bill and Jenn, San Francisco, CA

I am so glad to have found the Babysitting Company! It was wonderful to be able to go out as a couple when we were in Miami on vacation! We got to check out a new part of the city while not having to worry about our 4 month old. We felt so comfortable with our sitter (Maria) and loved the open line of communication she provided with her almost hourly texts. We will definitely use the Babysitting Company again when we are back in the US!
Katie, Grand Cayman

I just wanted to write and sing the praises of Nicole. She was absolutely fantastic with our son, who at nine months old, does not always easily warm up to strangers. She was uber-professional, extremely energetic, and engaged with him immediately and perfectly. I’m sure you already have lots of positive testimonials about what a great sitter she is, but I wanted to add ours to the list. The best sign, Zach was so happy after his time with her, and he was sad to see her go. I wished she lived in DC so we could use her as a sitter all the time! 
Many thanks!
Bethany, Washington D.C.

We were very impressed with our sitter Florence. She was amazing! I highly recommend The Babysitting Company and we will be using the service upon our next visit to Miami Beach.
Robyn S. Unionville, Canada

The babysitting company was amazing!!!!! We loved our sitter Nicole; The kids adored and loved her. They would wait by the door of our hotel room for her to arrive. I was scared that my 3 yr old daughter Sky would have a hard time with a new sitter but it turned out even better then I would have imagined. All around a great Scottsdale vacation thanks to The Babysitting Company! Many thanks from the Thurswell family!!!!!!
Jen Thurswell Birmingham, MI

Thank you for arranging for Cecilia to babysit our 3 week old during our recent trip to Miami. This was a very important business event/celebration night for us and we were extremely nervous about leaving our 3 week old with a stranger. Cecilia showed up early, made an extra effort to avoid the costly hotel parking and was amazing with our child and my wife. Within minutes of showing up (while we were frantically getting ready), she was giving us tips and tricks to use with our daughter. In a matter of minutes, she had calmed her and had her sleeping in her arms, which gave us great comfort. Thank you to Cecilia and The Babysitting Company. We’ll be sure to use again if ever back in the area.
Jeff Minneapolis, MN

We are new to the area and were in need of a sitter due to a conflict in my husband’s schedules and mine. An acquaintance remembered one of her friends talking about The Babysitting Company and how they spoke highly of them, so she referred us. Best phone call I have ever made. It was such a peace of mind knowing that I could trust the company and the sitter into our home and to watch our children. We met her prior to the day and my kids loved her. I didn’t think they were going to let her go!!!! Needless to say my kids, aged 4 & 5, had a blast. I will definitely use the company again, and will more than likely sign up for the membership. That is how pleased we were.
Liz Evans, Sunny Isles Beach

My husband and I were very pleased with our experience using The Babysitting Company. We were given a detailed profile on a potential sitter that matched my son’s personality. After meeting her, we knew immediately that she’d be a great fit. We booked her for the following weekend and couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Our sitter arrived early, was very professional, and immediately engaged our son in an activity. She even exceeded our expectations by sending us a text to let us know that our son went right to sleep and all was well. For the first time, my husband and I were able to relax and enjoy our evening without worry. We now have a sitter service we can feel great about, rely on, and will continue to use.
Mia Cohen Fort Lauderdale, FL

We were new to Miami and didn’t really know anyone we could trust with our 4-year-old. It was also our first experience with a sitter other than Grandma, and I must say, the experience exceeded our expectations! Rachel immediately put us at ease when we called and the sitter she assigned was phenomenal. She was prepared with activities and books and our son immediately took to her. I will definitely recommend and use The Babysitting Company again.
Carlos, Miami Beach

I wanted to thank you for arranging Paloma to babysit our daughter Amaret. Amaret very much enjoyed spending time with Paloma. Paloma went out of her way to accommodate our need for more babysitting time, and she kept us informed about what they were doing throughout the day.

We needed a sitter in Miami at the last minute. Your company stepped in and saved the day! Now we are back home in Orlando and plan on using you here as well. It is hard to find people you trust, but thanks to Rachel we now have that!!!Thanks!
Chris and Lauren

Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to let you know that Sarah was great with the kids yesterday. You are lucky to have her. Great experience.

Hi Rachel, just wanted to thank you so much for the WONDERFUL girls that you sent out. They were very professional and the kids had so much fun with them. I would not hesitate to use your services again or refer my friends.

Thanks so much, she was great. Sweet and awesome with the kids. Not sure how she got them both to bed at a reasonable time last night! We really appreciate it and will keep you in mind for future travels and will pass your name on for sure.

Hi Rachel, we just got back home to NY, and we wanted to thank you again for the peace of mind you gave us while relaxing on vacation! Knowing that our one-year-old son was in such caring hands truly enhanced our stay! Paola was the perfect match for our son. She was so soft, genuine and loving with our baby. We highly recommend her!! We wanted to share with you that we appreciated your website running professionally and easy to navigate! Wishing you much-continued success!
Joe & Judy

Hi Rachel, just writing to let you know that we loved Debi. She is fantastic. She made us feel very comfortable in leaving the baby with her. She seems very professional and reliable. I would definitely book her again. 
I will definitely recommend your agency to all my friends. Please let me know if you have any sitters or nannies in LA.
Thank you very much for all your help.

You were so right, Lelya is amazing and we feel very lucky. Thank you! My oldest daughter did not want to meet someone new but by the end of the day was begging Leyla to stay. We look forward to seeing her tomorrow.
Best, Jodi

I haven’t gotten around to filling out your survey yet, but I did want to put in a good word for Vicki. Our kids were totally comfortable with her right away and they really took to her… We can’t say enough good things!

We wanted to let you know that Esther was quite fantastic. She did a great job with our 8-month old son who smiled when he met her and throughout their time together. She kept him safe and entertained him the entire time and allowed us to enjoy some free time to ourselves. We were very pleased with her. She is certainly an asset to your company.
Jordan and Rebecca L.

Hi Rachel, 
we had a great weekend. Was really thrilled with Stephanie and will definitely be in touch going forward.

I want to thank you for everything. Vicky was very nice, professional, always on time and the children really liked her. I will recommend your agency to my friends for sure and we will keep in touch. 
Thanks and regards.
Cristina Bolla

Dear Ms. Charlupski, 
This is to express my gratitude for having Nicole Rivera as babysitter for my grandchildren for a week. She is punctual, professional and good with toddlers (20 months) and well as with early childhood ages (5 years). By my observation my children liked her! Thanks.
S. Friedman

Dear Rachel, thank you for sending us Cathy. She was lovely and my son was very happy. I will contact you again next time we are in Miami. All the best.
Valia Patera-Skordos

Rachel, thank you for your help arranging a sitter for our son in Miami. My husband and I haven’t been out without him on a date in so long, and because Caroline was so professional and we trusted your services, we were able to have a carefree and fun night out together. 
Many thanks.

Dear Rachel,
just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for arranging Nicole.
She was a superstar and we were really pleased to meet her. Leah enjoyed the little awake time she got with her and loved being introduced to Elmo! I am sure you are proud to have such a quality professional representing your outfit. Thank you again.

We are having a great time and Vicky is absolutely wonderful! My kids LOVE her. Thank you.

Hi Rachel, just wanted to let you know we are thrilled with Vicky. She is fantastic. Totally delightful and great!

Hi Rachel, 
thank you very much for your assistance while we were on vacation. My children had a very good time with Vicky, she was terrific. If we come back next spring for March break, we will definitely use your company again. So far, we’re two for two.

Dear Rachel, 
as tomorrow is the last day in Miami for us we would like to take the time and thank you for the brilliant services Gina has provided during our stay. She is an excellent babysitter, always right on time, never misses anything and if we lived here we’d never ever let her go again. Our daughter Sienna is in love with her
and it will be quite a change for her not having the best nanny in the world anymore. Please feel free to add us to the list of satisfied customers; I’ll gladly take calls from potential customers telling them how well our daughter was looked after.
Michael & Chantal Pages

Hi Rachel, I just want to send you a note saying how much we enjoyed your service. Sonya was wonderful and you seem to have a very well thought out and caring business. Orly really liked Sonya and we would have no hesitation to hire her or your service again. As Ruth and I have an education business we know how difficult it is to run a great service for children. Good luck in your future endeavors and we’ll be in touch again I’m sure.

We are so thankful for the service you provide. I was telling Cecila last night that I wish I would have known about your company a year ago. It was such a struggle being a young, single parent. With the help of you, and all those associated, you have given my daughter and I a new beginning. Thank you again for everything you have done.

After using the Babysitting Company for my two little girls, I would highly recommend this service. The babysitters were professional, attentive, and my girls had fun with them. They are very reasonably priced and felt that my girls were safe, which is the most important thing for me.
Jodi Davidovic, Principal Hochberg Preparatory

Excellent service and wonderful babysitter… Thanks again so much Rachel!

Hello Rachel,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic babysitter today! Courtney was so lovely and I felt immediately at east the moment she walked in the door (I think it also had something to do with those great pink t-shirts!) What a fantastic service you offer. I was stunned at how easy everything was last night when I was in an utter panic about finding somebody to look after Chloe. Thank you so much. If you like you can also go ahead and charge my card for the yearly membership as I’ll definitely need your services again.

Raquel was a gem. So friendly and calm with Arabella. She completely put me at ease leaving Arabella with someone new. She was great about checking in and letting me know how she was doing. I will recommend the service and Raquel to my friends and I know I will be using your services again very soon. Thank you for making this easy for a new and slightly nervous mom.
Best, Lauren Arrigo

Thanks for organizing our babysitter for Friday night. It all went very well and the boys really liked the sitter. She did a great job!

Thank you! Stephanie was great with the boys. We will certainly use your service again.

Raquel was excellent. Your service was excellent. We are thrilled and really confident in your services. And we are secretly hard to please, with a very special circumstance with our daughter that required professionalism and a lot of trust. That was the first time we’ve left her with a sitter! I’m sure we will have more occasions to use you all again. Just wanted you to know how it was for us.
Thank you! Meghan

Hi Rachel,
Karen was awesome! My son loved her and is asking for her tonight too:). Thank you and I hope we can use your services again.

Rachel, Nancy was awesome! It was a wonderful experience and I felt at ease going out yesterday. Thanks so much 🙂
Have a great weekend!

Just want to let you know that on a scale of 1 to 10, Raquel was an 11. I can’t praise her enough for how professional she was. She got here early, she asked me to review the bottle/bedtime routine (and listened intently) before I offered, she read over my overly long and unsolicited list of helpful reminders before I left, politely refused an offer to turn the tv on, texted me an update without me having to ask for one (just to let me know he was still sleeping soundly), and left his toys/blankets/burp rags neatly organized (more so than I had them). And most important of all, our son absolutely loved he. He could not stop smiling at her!

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you for your help with sending us a babysitter during our trip to Miami. Stephanie was very nice and sweet. Thanks a bunch.

Dear Rachel, I don’t know how you do it but you do such a great job. Over the past few years you have produced outstanding babysitters for us. We have liked/loved them all. Keep up the great work. Merlyn is great. Thank you very, very much.

Hi Rachel, just wanted to let you know that Stephanie seems wonderful and everything worked out great this morning.
Thanks, Michelle

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to send an email to say how much I like Karen Archbold. She is really, really good with the girls and also helps me keep my condo neat and tidy. I really appreciate everything she does here. Thanks again for sending such a good person over!! Have a great weekend.

I’m writing to thank you for providing babysitting services for Blake, Cori and Roger’s daughter, when they were recently in Miami. Cynthia was absolutely fabulous. She was so warm and friendly and immediately put Blake at ease. Blake really liked Cynthia and Roger and Cori were very pleased with Cynthia and your excellent service. They plan to use your service again when they travel. Thank you so very much.
Rosemary, Assistant to Roger

Dear Rachel! I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful babysitters. I had very high expectations, and your girls exceeded them in every way. They came completely prepared with game ideas, pool toys and iPod speakers! They kept the kids completely engaged for the three hour period. Our kids took to them immediately and we were so impressed by how quickly the children and your babysitters developed friendships. The sitters had a great sense of timing, and made sure to change activities when they thought the kids were losing interest. They were supremely responsible and made sure all of the kids were wearing sunblock, were eating enough, and were staying hydrated. You really made our day and we could not have been more pleased with your service! Consider our family your customers for life!!!!

Thanks again for helping us on such short notice! We can’t thank you enough for getting us a babysitter. She was a wonderful.
Denise Dronsick

Rachel, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that Clara was amazing Saturday evening. She was on-time, generous, and extremely professional. We will most definitely use your service again the next time we are in Miami visiting.

Thanks Rachel. I just want to thank you again, We loved having Karen Archbold, she could not have been more competent, pleasant and attentive. She was lovely to have around and I left to go out knowing that my kids were safe and in good hands. She was terrific. We plan to be back in FL again in December, I will be in touch with you for your services.
Many thanks, Mindy Abramson

Hi Rachel, just to tell you that we were impressed by Taicha, she is fantastic and Michael loves her very much. I just realized she organized Michael’s drawer by herself. Michael cried a lot when she left and he wanted to go with her and it was the first time he did it for a babysitter. We will be very happy to have her taking care of Michael in the future. Thank you very much for suggesting her, she was great.

Rachel, just a quick note about Paola, our babysitter this past weekend. Paola is absolutely wonderful. The girls already knew her this time and they immediately went to her and had a great time. She took them swimming in the hotel pool (while I took pictures), she brought games for them to play, she really went the extra mile! My wife and I are so pleased with her and your service, we will be coming back down in about 2 weeks and would love to have her babysit for us again. Thanks again to you and Paola!!!!!!!
Ken Hill

Paola has been such a pleasure to have at our home, she and Max are quite charmed by each other, and it has been such a tremendous value to have this time to spend with my husband. You are in the marriage (saving) business, but I am sure you know that! I am so glad that I was put in touch with you, I am so grateful for this service. Hope all is well with you.

Rachel, thank you so much, Sandra was great. We could not have asked for a better babysitter. She was so nice and made my wife feel comfortable leaving our baby with her. We live in NY and travel to LA all the time so will make sure to use you again.

Hey Rachel, just want you to know that we think Chloe is an absolute gem and has a very special way about her that children love. We had some friends come by the beach the last two days and the kids felt the same way about her as ours do. We’d recommend her to even the most uptight/high maintenance families that you have to deal with regularly (I’m sure.) Please never hesitate to use us as a reference on her behalf for any family that may be on the fence with her. She’s that terrific and we hope we cross paths with her again. Thanks again for sending her our way. Our kids will miss her.
Adam and Gretchen

My experience was great with your company and Chloe was terrific with the kids and they liked her a lot and so did we. Will use you again when we return with kids. Highly recommend your company.

A long overdue thank you for arranging babysitting for my sons during the birthday celebration of my grandmother. Stephanie was prompt, showed up with coloring books and crayons and immediately engaged with Max and Seth. Max ended up staying at the party, but Stephanie took Seth back to our hotel room when he got tired, played a few games, read to him, and got him to bed. She was pleasant to speak with and was very flexible considering she was surrounded by more than 50 of my family & friends. I will definitely be in touch if we are in need of a babysitter next time we are in the area, and would be happy to recommend you to any friends.
Alissa Butterfass

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to let you know that Gabriela was great last night; Ollie had a great time with her. She immediately delivers a sense of trust, maturity, and fun. I am sure you already know all of this, but I am also sure a positive feedback is always appreciated. Thanks again and we will see her tomorrow.
All the best. Simona